Sojourner Saga: Manguana Rising

Baking Bad (Apples), Act I: "Tanith's Log 2"

Grapples & grapples

Tanith’s Log: Stardate… A week after the Swallow Tail festival?

Piper and I were standing in front of the door to Kassan’s crypt, when I started to feel sick and everything went dark. Next thing I knew I was standing back in Sandpoint next to Kakos. It seemed those magic pendants brought us there, just like they took us to the the Fang Wood. I deduced Pete was trying to murder us after Piper destroyed his hybrid experiments by giving us those cursed amulets and I wasn’t about to let that stand! I was going to take these allegations strait to the mayor of Sandpoint!

There was a huge crowed at the Sandpoint courthouse. A kind old lady told us that there was a trail in progress. Some kind of dragon race had been going on, and one of the racers was accused of taking performance enhancing drugs. Apparently the Swallow Tail festival, (that was going on when we were last in town), was canceled as a result and the townsfolk were up in arms. I’m not sure what kind of dragons the lady was taking about though. She described them as small speechless wyvern type creatures with large hind legs and rears. They obviously aren’t true dragons, but may be some kind of crossbreed; dragons are quite virile, (and those cursed chromatics will mate with anything). Then again, Sandpoint does seem to be home to a large variety of unusual lizards, so they could be a local species.

Regardless, The mayor was in the courthouse, so we had to find a way in! Kakos and I couldn’t find an unguarded door, but a chimney on the side of the building was unguarded, so we climbed up onto the roof. Kakos removed all the glass panes from the courthouse’s skylights and we could see the trial in progress, and the mayor too, but we couldn’t seem to get to her alone. As much as I wanted to jump down there and tell her about Pete, without some kind of relevant information about the current case, we probably would have been locked up for interrupting. The only way we were getting to the mayor was with evidence about the dragon doping case, and the only place we’d get that was from someone who knew drugs. It looked like I’d have to confront Pete without the mayor’s help.

When we arrived at restaurant was closed and under renovations, but we managed to force the lock. Inside, I confronted Pete and accused him of attempted murder, and a string of other heath code and occupational heath and safety violations. Oddly enough his new manager, his niece Ricci who was also present, didn’t seem particularly surprised by any of the allegations we made against her uncle. We were ushered into a back room where Pete explained his brother-in-law had bailed him out and put his daughter in charge. Then I guess he spent all his money on drugs. We came to an agreement that if we got his money back from the drug dealers we’d get a share of his business. I figured if we could discover truth about the whole dragon doping scandal at the same time, we could use it to get some pull with the mayor to get Pete’s brother out of the picture and take a majority share in the restaurant. We also got to try some of the new apple things Ricci was trying to sell there now. Kind of tasted like grapples.

Pete set us away looking for some drug dealer named Quicksilver at a brothel, but before we could do anything, a prostitute stepped on my tail! And I guess she stole all of Kakos’ money too. I tackled & grappled her, stole her wallet and bit her leg until she gave back the money and told us where Quicksilver was hanging out: the Stars and Guarders. Kakos wanted to just leave her there bleeding out, but I healed her with my wand of cure light wounds and gave her some of her money back, (I had to keep some as an ‘you inconvenienced us!’ tax).

Finally, we made it to the Stars and Guarders and convinced the bouncers to let us in, but before we could get much further in I felt a familiar tingling from the pendant…



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