Sojourner Saga: Manguana Rising

Baking Bad (Apples), Act I: "Drugs Drugs Drugs"

Some Are Good, Some Are Great

Piper Robbins

Hi journal, I’m back again and things have gotten weird. I was in the Everflame with Tanith and suddenly things went dark and before I knew it I was back in Sandpoint but something was off. Turns out that I have somehow ended up in a future version of the place. I gleaned this from a reporter who was at the scene of a big scrum of townsfolk near the courthouse. What was coming from his mouth escapes me mostly because I am fascinated by his falcon. I distracted him with my ventriloquism and put the bird to sleep. I failed to see that the bird would fall over and it landed on the ground. This, unfortunately, got the reporter’s attention and he wanted to take his bird to a vet. I convinced him that I was well versed in falcon care and he left the bird with me. So smart! I have a new pet bird now! I am curious about this drug called Puff (heard about it from the reporter) and decide I need to talk to this Shauna that’s at the centre of the hubbub. Turns out that she is in court and I can’t see her. I even played up that I was a lawyer to get in but no dice.
Now I head towards the festival street and pass by this old lady fixing up her window. I ask her about her situation and she tells me that she wants to sue Shauna for everything. Opportunity knocks! I promise her that I’m a lawyer and will take her case on for a small fee. She is hesitant but eventually caves to my coaxing and gives me 65gp and change. Then you know what? I think I hear the voice of the gods telling me to be nicer. Nicer me hands her some copper and I move along.
I make my way to that pretentious goblin store and talk with Tabitha. She, like the old lady, thinks my falcon is dead. Why? Clearly it is just sleeping. Anyway, she tells me to find a drug dealer if I want drugs and she seems incredulous when I ask if she knows any. My only option is Pete so I head there.
I get to Petes and it is completely different from before. Not only clean but they’re also selling apples with flavour injections. The woman with him is the worst. So rude. I beg Pete for some more adder. He tells me of a dealer named Quiksilver and his plot to regain his money and a supply of adder. And then, and then I send Willow over to the counter and this, this woman nails her full on with a broom, knocking her into the wall! Willow was badly hurt. This woman is going to pay. Pete and I bonded today. We’re comrades in feeling good. Now, I head out to the brothel behind the Analog World to find Quiksilver.



Ricci needs a lesson in humility. If we can take over the restaurant, we can reassign her to parcel-pickup.


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